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Our Story

It all begann with a passion ...



WYLDWEAVES, the brainchild of founder and CEO Nitasha Khemka, is deeply rooted in the passionate desire, to tap into the potential of Nepal’s rich natural resources – and both sustainably use and develop the skills and competencies of its working force, such as spinning, weaving and paper making. WYLDWEAVES uses only plant based fibers such as hemp, bamboo and nettle.


Having started 5 years ago WYLDWEAVES specialises in exporting hand loomed & semi hand loomed textiles, yarns & accessories. Within the framework of various collaborations Nitasha works with social enterprise to develop different product lines focussing on hemp as an exceptionally versatile raw material. As a result she introduced handmade hemp paper into Nepal in 2020, also experimenting with a blend of hemp and traditional arteli fibers. In 2022 WYLDWEAVES remains the only start-up supplying hemp based papers in the country.


Using her education as fashion designer and marketing expert Nitasha Khemka continues to develop WYLDWEAVES as a driving force to raise awareness about hemp as a sustainable alternative to conventional materials. After all, as she passionately says: We would never have to cut another tree – by accepting and using the gift that hemp is!



Never cut a tree again!

  • We promote and represent the responsible & sustainable use of natural resources.

  • We believe that sustainability starts and end with people. Wyldweaves therefore collaborates with local suppliers and factories on the basis of trustful, fair and mutually beneficiary relationships.

  • We believe in HEMP!

  • We believe, that the path to global sustainability can only be achieved in harmony with nature.

  • We believe, that change always starts with a single person and that everybody has the power and ability to make a difference.

  • We promote and believe in the extraordinary versatility of natural resource in Nepal - 



WYLDWEAVES works in close collaboration with local farmers and factories. In doing this we live up to our motto 'Made in Nepal'.



Our Fabrics

Our products are finely crafted and carefully selcted only from sustainably grown fibers ...............

As we only work with trusted partners we ensure 100% pureness. Our partner are 

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